Assume 32bit


The Nintendo64 features a 64bit MIPS r4300i microprocessor. However, many games do not exploit the 64bit capabilities of this processor. As a result, 1964 can achieve dramatic speed improvements by assuming that only 32bit logic is used. Other times, some games may use 64bit logic, but 1964 will still try to assume 32bit when it can, when this option is enabled. For compatibility reasons, the default setting for this option is OFF. The ini should have most games and some demos covered already, but if this setting is off in a game that has not been listed in the ini as a known game, give 32bit a try.


Assume 32bit = int(0, 1, 2)


Assume 32bit=2


Value Result
0 Default
1 Yes
2 No [Default]


  • There are several games that do not exploit the 64bit architecture of the n64. This option, when set to "Yes", improves speed by reducing register pressure and by avoiding unnecessary sign-extending. Be careful with this option, as some game saves might behave oddly or emulation will not work at all. Leave this option off for maximum compatibility, but turn it on if you like to tweak.

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