This settings allows you to select which "core" 1964 will use:

  • Dyna-Compiler: This is a compiler engine that compiles blocks of code on-the-fly as they are encountered, thus the term "dynamic". Once a block of code has been compiled, there is no need to compile it again, unless the compiled code buffer is full. 1964 allocates a 16 MegaByte compile buffer. This is fast and is the default setting.
  • Interpreter: With this option, there is no compiling of code, but this is much slower than the dynarec because the interpreter must decode each instruction every time it is encountered before it can be executed.


Emulator = int(0, 1, 2)




Value Result
0 Default
1 DynaCompiler [Default]
2 Interpreter


  • Dyna-Compiler (dynarec) refers to the dynamic recompiling engine. You will usually want to leave it on.

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