TLB is short for Translation Look-aside Buffer. The purpose of the TLB is to translate virtual addresses into physical addresses whenever there is an attempt either to load from memory or to store to memory. When this option is set to No, this option is off, and the ROM is assumed to not need the TLB. If it works with TLB off, some more speed may result. For maximum compatibility, the default setting for this option is Yes. In theory, all games should work with this set to On.


TLB = int(0, 1, 2)




Value Result
0 Default
1 Yes [Default]
2 No


  • TLB is how virtual addresses are converted to physical ones quickly. The N64 uses TLB. With our new fast tlb method, it is unlikely that turning this off will help speed. Once again, however, there are the rare cases (such as Xena) that will not work with the TLB enabled.

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