Q: Where to download Surreal64 CE ?
A: Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the binaries due to legal reasons. However you're free to Google for Auto_xbins_2008 ;-)

Q: Where can I download roms for Surreal64 CE?
A: Again, due to legal reasons, we can only point you to Google.

Q: Why don't my roms show up in the rom list?
A: The rom folder is set to D:\Roms\ by default and is editable in the Surreal.ini. The roms must be located in the directory specified in the ini. The actual path may be different if you have the rom path set to a folder outside the directory containing the xbe executables. The folder containing the default.xbe will become the "root" path when it is launched. The actual path may be E:\Emulators\Surreal64CE\, but when the launcher is running, it treats "Surreal64CE\" as the root "D:\". If the roms reside outside the "root", a full path must be specified. Otherwise, you can use the relative path using D:\ as the root (IE: D:\Roms\, D:\Skins\, D:\Media\). Other things you can try are:

- Hit the "Y" button while the rom list is showing and no menus are open.
- Delete E:\TDATA\a64fea57\RomlistCache.dat
- Delete E:\TDATA\64ce64ce\RomlistCache.dat

Q: What can I do if Surreal64 CE fails to start?
A: Make sure the ini, skin and media files are all in their proper location. If you are upgrading versions, you can also try backing up and removing the following directories and their contents:

- .\Surreal64CE\ini
- E:\TDATA\a64fea57\ and E:\UDATA\a64fea57
- E:\TDATA\64ce64ce\ and E:\UDATA\64ce64ce

Q: Why do some roms fail to start leaving me at a blank screen?
A: Some roms are known to be non-working. The comments for the rom will usually give you an idea of what you can expect for the selected rom. A lot of roms will work fine, while other, larger roms require setting adjustments in the menu such as dynarec and paging memory. If the rom was working or if the comments indicate that the rom should work, you can try:

- Delete E:\TDATA\64ce64ce\TemporaryRom.dat
- Delete Z:\TemporaryRom.dat
- Backup and remove the ini file for the rom (.\Surreal64CE\ini\games\XXXXXXXX.ini,
where the X's are the 1st 8 characters of the CRC for the rom)

Q: Some roms perform very bad, how can i fix this?
A: Make sure you're running the rom in 480p resolution. If this doesn't help, try to increase the paging/dynarec memory settings by 1 MB. Also you should verify, that the VSync setting is set to "No".

Q: How do i enable 720p HD output?
A: 1. Run your XBOX with the HD AV pack (component cables)
2. Make sure you enabled 720p in your Dashboard (e.g. Unleash-X)
3. Switch your skin to a HD one
4. Select a rom, press X, go to Video Settings, set Enable 720p to "Yes"

Q: VSync is slowing down my roms, why is that ?
A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertical_synchronization_pulse#Vertical_synchronization

Q: How do I enable Full Screen AntiAliasing and what does it do?
A: Under a rom's specific video settings, select the desired AntiAliasing filter

-2x Linear - Multisamples the image to twice its width and applies a linear filter before reducing. This removes jagged edges that have low slopes (mostly horizontal jaggies)

-2x Quincunx - Multisamples the image to twice its width and applies a Quincunx filter before reducing. This removes jaggies on a wider range of edges with higher slopes. The Quincunx filter provides some vertical AntiAliasing without the cost of a 4x filter.

-4x Linear - Multisamples the image twice its width and twice its height, then applies a linear filter before reduction. This removes more vertical jaggies than 2x Quincunx, but is much more costly from the large multisample.

-4x Gaussian - Multisamples the image twice its width and twice its height, then applies a Gaussian filter before reducing. Because the Gaussian filter has superior edge detection, many more jaggies are eliminated at the cost of a slightly more complex filter. Try it with Super Mario 64. Jaggies can be noticed most at 480p.

Q: How do I add my own boxart and xmv video previews?
A: To add a boxart for a game, rename your image file to CRC_OF_ROM1-CRC_OF_ROM2-CRC_OF_ROM3-CRC_OF_ROM4.png where CRC_OF_ROM*
is the CRC1 value of the specified rom and each consecutive CRC is for different
versions of the rom.

eg. for Mario Kart 64, three of the ini entries are:

Alternate Title=Mario Kart 64 (E) (V1.1) [!]

Alternate Title=Mario Kart 64 (U) [!]

Alternate Title=Mario Kart 64 (J) (V1.0) [!]

By using the CRC1 value (the first number in the [] brackets) we can create
a PNG that can be used for all three versions of the rom.
The resultant PNG filename would be:


Surreal.ini can be referenced for these CRC's or you use a PC emulator like Project64 to get the CRC's

Boxart is saved under Media/BoxartPackFolderName/
Videos are saved under Media/Movies/

These folders can be redirected from the Launcher.

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