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Skin handling has become a lot more user friendly and can create much more customizable environments for skinning. The Skin.ini file contains all of the entries needed to map your images on screen with the proper alignments for text objects. The skin creator has a lot of control of the GUI within this .ini.

The .ini is split up into subcategories for each movable image panel. The panel can be moved to act as a window background, and the associated text can be adjusted to fit in each panel. A truncation value can cut the text off and leave an ellipsis for text that wont fit in a skinner's window.

Boxart can be customized to fit any skin from within the ini. The folder name of the boxart pack is selected and each image is mapped to the coordinates given. Boxart packs are 512x512 standard, and can be resized to the desired width and height. The aspect ratio of the boxart is locked, so the longest side will determine the size of the shorted width or height.

XMV Video previews are also supported in this version. The .ini entries map out the coordinates for a rectangle that displays the video. MovieTop controls the y offset from 0, and MovieLeft controls the x offset from 0. MovieRight and MovieBottom control the width and height of the presented video.

The In Game Menu, or IGM, has its own set of entries in the Skin.ini. HD skins are expected to support 480p IGM's as well as 720p IGM's since some games behave poorly in 720p. Textures are mapped in the same fashion as the Launcher, except some texture panels are available for the skinner. The Screenshot as referenced from the Skin.ini, contains the coordinates to where the screenshot will resize to. If for example you have:

[IGM Screenshot]
PanelX = 0
PanelY = 0
PanelNW = 640
PanelNH = 480

Then the Screenshot from the game you were playing will stay at full screen and your skin can draw on top of it. Any smaller coordinates will reveal the ingamemenubg.jpg file that acts as your background.

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