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If 4, the system will have an emulated RDRAM size of 4MB, which is the standard amount of memory an N64 console has. This reduces size of state saves, improves performance in some ways.

If 8, the system will have an emulated RDRAM size of 8MB, which represents an N64 console with the 4MB memory expansion accessory installed. This results in larger state saves and lower performance, but is required by some games.


RDRAM Size = int(4, 8)


RDRAM Size=4


Value Result
4 4MB [Default]
8 8MB


  • If a game has optional expansion pack support where the Expansion Pak is used only to raise screen resolution, it is generally recommended you set this to No, because there's no point wasting resources on higher native resolutions when the graphics are high level emulated (hence largely resolution independant) anyway, also can often cause severe aspect ratio problems in the video plugin. Note that the video plugin may in rare cases require 8MB to avoid an Access Violation, even in games that don't use the Expansion Pak. These two factors explain why the RDRAM setting may sometimes appear to be logically incorrect - it has been set that way for a good reason!

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