Save Type

| PJ64 1.4 |


You can set any of the four possible native cartridge save types here, but the only one that should be needed is 16kbit EEPROM, because it is not possible for the emulator to detect the difference between a game asking for 16kbit and a game asking for 4kbit - Project64 assumes 4kbit, the more common size. If a game actually needs 16kbit it will either fail to save or not boot unless set to 16kbit EEPROM. The other settings are included for the rare possibility that the autodetect goes wrong - generally, don't set them. Note that MemPak is treated seperately and will work in addition to whatever is selected here.


Save Type = string(4kbit Eeprom, 16kbit Eeprom, Sram, FlashRam, First Save Type)


Save Type=First Save Type


Value Result
4kbit Eeprom
16kbit Eeprom
First Save Type Automatic [Default]


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