Media Path


Path on harddrive to the media files.


Media Path = string(255)


Media Path=D:\Media\


Value Result
A:\ Will look in the root of the DVD-ROM
D:\ Will look in the root path of the currently running .xbe
E:\ Will look in the root of E:
F:\ Will look in the root of F:
G:\ Will look in the root of G:
T:\ Will look in the root of the Surreal folder in E:\TDATA\


  • The D:\ drive gets mapped to the directory containing the currently running xbe executable. If you put the xbe files in E:\Apps\Emulators\Surreal64 CE\, when launched, the root path of “Surreal64 CE” will become D:\. The path “E:\Apps\Emulators\Surreal64 CE\Media\” and “D:\Media\” would point to the same location.
  • The application folder for Surreal in TDATA is 64ce64ce for versions B5.5 and newer. For versions B5.4 and older, it is a64fea57.

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